Monday, October 24, 2011

Biff Bang Pow! - The Acid House Album (1989)

As a genre, indie pop has always been pretty domesticated. So much in fact that its kind of an indie pop tradition for newer generations to pay tribute to older bands by adopting song/lyrical references as band names with Alan McGee’s Biff Bang Pow! Being one of the first bands I’m aware of to so, giving a nod to 60s rock/pop group The Creation. Their mod tendencies are no doubt a throwback as well, but it’s more than mere emulation, and what they lack in innovation they make up for with vitality. This particular release, The Acid House Album, is the first of four of the band’s Creation compilations. As signified by their exclamatory onomatopoetic pep, it opens with two hard hitters, “I’m Still Waiting for my Time” and “Love and Hate.” “She Haunts” and “She Never Understood” are exercises in pop perfection (the latter of which would later see a cover by Comet Gain on their Realistes LP). “She Paints” just kills me. Everything else is solid, making for a great compilation and a good introduction to a very important group.

Rating: 9.5/10


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