Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vermin Supreme

Western world capitalism and American 'democracy' have been at a rubicon for some time now. In any situation which could be deemed absurd because of its inherent futility, the only logical response is to make humor of it. This man, aka Vermin Supreme, is doing just that: becoming an act in the travesty of American politics, and undermining it with an absurdist parody and various levels of irony/humor. Beyond that, his performance is nearly perfect. His outfit speaks for itself, and much like the politicians he is mocking, he is a good, relaxed speaker giving him the presence of an actual presidential candidate, which is the basis for any quality impersonation, exaggerated or otherwise. For all these reasons this video is an ore of comedy gold and the best youtube clip I've seen in some time. VOTE VERMIN SUPREME!

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