Friday, November 9, 2012

Fascinator - Sexuality Mystery

I get many emails from bands asking me to do write-ups or inclusions with their music, however, most of these are more or less PR plugs spammed to every 'indie' blog on whatever list whoever has compiled, or just do not fit the general aesthetic of my blog. Because of this, 99% are ignored, but the song featured in the video below really caught my ear and I would like to promote it. Check it:

I have yet to hear the EP, however, there is more where this came from at Fascinator's Soundcloud:

On an unrelated note, my mediafire account was suspended for the first time in three years thanks to none other than.....wait....Brian Jonestown Massacre?

Unexpected (especially on a mix with two big label tracks), but irking, as mixes with single songs from artists are intended to PROMOTE the artist. An album would be understanding, but I am generally fairly tactful with what albums I post and which ones I do not. Oh well, guess I won't be buying any BJM records ever again....thanks label!

New links will be up sometime soon.

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