Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MIX - POWER HOUR (Point Five)

01) Steve Miller Band - Macho City (Long Version)
02) Nikki Sudden & The Jakobites - Death is Hanging Over Me
03) Camper Van Beethoven - The Day That Lassie Went to the Moon
04) Television Personalities - Salvador Dali's Garden Party (Andy Kershaw Session)
05) The Legend - You Were Glamorous
06) The Damned - Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde (Demo)
07) Autumn - Memories
08) Television - Days
09) The Relations - Who Do you Think you Thought you Were
010) Nikki Sudden - The Road of Broken Dreams
011) Jane Bond & The Undercovermen - The Girl Who Knew Too Much
012) Loop - Forever
013) David Werner - Melanie Cries
014) The Toms - I Cannot Spot You
015) The Reverbs - Railroad Ties
016) Roland Bocquet - La Suite D'elsa
017) Gary Valentine - Who's The Leader?
018) Blue Orchids - Thirst



  1. Long time "follower"...

    Just wanted to tell you how much I *adore* your mixes! I spend so much time each day curating my own mixes, exploring music, etc, and you've introduced me to a huge number of artists from scenes and times I thought I knew already (Blue Orchids, Blue Boy, Steve Hillage, Television Personalities, etc, etc). Amazing stuff, and I hope you'll keep posting.

    Also — that trustzine mix you linked to a while back really was quite something. Do you know who those people are?

    Finally, are you a fan of the band Moose? Don't think I've seen them in any of your mixes, but imagine you'd like them.

  2. Cricket, thanks for the kind compliments. Things that like really keep me posting. I know vaguely who Casey and Courtney -might- be, but I don't want to say without knowing. Whoever it is is based in LA/NYC, and I assume they put out a physical zine, but again not sure. Either way they have great taste and long shovels :)

    ps. I just recently got a Moose peel session and I'm pretty sure I'll be amending the lack of Moose on my mixes shortly

    1. Here's a list of Moose songs I compiled into a list called "Best Moose". In addition to their early more shoegaze-y (think early Ride) stuff, their final three albums get much more "musing" and gentle. I love them all, but "Live a Little, Love A Lot" is probably my favorite.

      Love On The Dole from "Live A Little, Love A Lot”
      Suzanne from ". . . Xyz”
      The Only Man In Town from "High Ball Me”
      This River Will Never Run Dry from ". . . Xyz”
      Meringue from "Honey Bee”
      Hold on from "Honey Bee”
      First Balloon To Nice from "Live A Little, Love A Lot”
      Play God from "Live A Little, Love A Lot”
      Pretend We Never Met from "High Ball Me”
      The Man Who Hanged Himself from "Live A Little, Love A Lot”
      Uptown Invisible from "Honey Bee”
      Everybody's Talkin' from ". . . Xyz”
      Can't Get Enough of You from "High Ball Me”
      So Much Love, So Little Time from "Live A Little, Love A Lot”
      I Wanted to See You to See if I Wanted You from "Honey Bee”
      Keeping Up With You from "High Ball Me”
      Mondo Cane from "Honey Bee”
      Last Night I Fell Again from ". . . Xyz”
      Eve In A Dream from "Live A Little, Love A Lot”


    2. It's strange. Moose is one of those bands I've heard mentioned along with Ride and Lush and MBV but have somehow evaded ever hearing for ages. Getting Live A Little, Love A Lot at this very moment, and will go from there to the single selections. Thanks for the recommendations! More mixes to come :)

  3. Here ya go: