Friday, November 4, 2011

Evan Glodell - Bellflower (2011)

"Jesus fucking Christ." Thats what I said aloud during two separate scenes in this movie.

Cue superlatives...

Bellflower is hands down the most intense movie I have ever watched. It's as affecting as it is authentic. It's like taking 20 hits of acid and going into WalMart and seeing your ex who you're still in love with. It deals with how masculine we want to be but sadly how masculine men of our generation truly are. Evan Glodell, who wrote, directed, starred in, and even made the fucking camera for this film deserves every award a filmmaker can receive.

Sadly a lot of people won't appreciate it, and are either going to dislike the characters or think "Wow, I know guys just like this." And that's a shame because Bellflower is undoubtedly the the best film released yet this year.

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