Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I don't need NMEs

Just when you thought that NME couldn't possibly suck any more, they go and release one of the silliest music 'lists' I've ever come across: best basslines of all time. I actually listened to the Muse track they awarded the number one position to and it is downright abominable. My vote, without giving it much thought, would probably go to Orange Juice's "Rip it Up" but it's a rather hard thing to concretely rank as there are many, many great ones out there.

On an unrelated note, I happened to listen to an early version of Brian Wilson's Smile, and the one thing that really struck me was how "Child Is Father of the Man" could easily pass for an unreleased Ariel Pink b-side if you didn't know any better. Uncanny.

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