Friday, December 2, 2011

Edwyn Collins - Selected discography

I like Orange Juice. A lot - and for obvious reasons. They were instrumental in the foundation of several of my favorite genres and I consider both Rip it Up and You Can't Hide your Love Away to be masterpieces. Their single, "Rip it Up" rapidly ascended the UK charts but unfortunately, it was their only 'big' hit and many wrote them off as a one hit wonder. I'm guessing most of my audience here knows better than to make that assumption, but I'm writing this just in case.

Edwyn Collins is a smart, witty lyricist, a talented musician and a distinguishable vocalist. The only minor gripe I have with his solo work is that I feel his voice is often unsuitable for some of the tracks. That is to say, that while it is appropriate for many, I feel an equal number could benefit from a different vocal style (Call me crazy, but Sarah Cracknell, maybe? I don't know). The music itself is mostly stellar, with a few sub par tracks here and there, but that is generally how it goes with most pop records. I'm sure you are probably familiar with "A Girl Like You" (video featured below), because it got a decent amount of exposure during the nineties, but other songs such as "Means to an End" (wait, the Paul Quinn version was actually a revised cover?), "50 Shades of Blue" and "Out of This World" which were overshadowed are all very approachable too. One final thing - all three of these albums go well played at loud volumes in your car. They don't work well as background music, so keep that in mind when listening.

Collection includes:

Hope and Despair (1989)
Hellbent on Compromise (1990)
Gorgeous George (1994)


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