Monday, December 5, 2011

Agustí Villaronga - In a Glass Cage (1987)

Here is a synopsis of In a Glass Cage that will paint a picture of what you're in for if you have not seen this movie: "A former Nazi doctor-turned-pedophile, paralyzed from the neck down after a suicide attempt, is forced to accept a boy as his nurse under threat of blackmail: the boy secretly witnessed the doctor's torture and murder of another boy, and possesses the man's diary, which details his wartime experiments and his subsequent descent into pedophilia and murder."

Sounds fun, no? The plot/characters/subject matter alone makes it one of the more interesting films I'm seen in some time and gives great perspective on sadism/masochism and how the two are not unilateral, but in fact can be closely interwoven. This is a very demented "love story," and the focus is on the deranged dynamic between the boy and the doctor and the intimacy of their relationship. A lot of people consider this to rank with Salo as being in the upper echelon of 'fucked up' films, but I didn't find it disturbing at all. Chilling and bizarre, definitely, but not particularly disturbing. In a Glass Cage is a very perceptive and well made film, but its definitely not for everyone (especially those who aren't a fan of blue, because that's pretty much the only color shown throughout). Check it:

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