Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bitter Springs - Best Bakers on the Island (2000)

I have fallen utterly in love with this album. After a certain point, when you've been digging for years, and you start to think you've excavated every last gem in the proverbial quarry, and you're tired of getting crap on your hands, something like this comes along and really surprises you. Brilliant lyrics, sheen-polished, abounding compositions in a jamboree of styles ranging from Captain Sensible-like toe-tappers to classy pub-pop to dreary brit-folk in the vein of Robyn Hitchcock, Best Bakers a joy to behold from start to finish. This record flows like a dream, and captures the romance and sadness and overall essence of Great Britain like only a distinguished, middle-aged English-born gentleman with a penchant for hooks could. Thanks again to Mike for this one. Fabulous work - don't miss!

Rating: 9/10


Single from a 7" release by pre-Bitter Springs Simon Rivers and co:

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