Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cleaners From Venus - Midnight Cleaners (1982)

I've been sitting on this album for a while, but it was amongst a big pile of other CFV stuff and it wasn't until my buddy came over a few weeks back and coerced me to listen to it, that I actually did. You hear a lot of people talking about how early Martin Newell sounds a lot like Ariel Pink (or vice versa, rather), and in a way they're right. "Corridor of Dreams," with it's delightfully kitschy saxophones and masterly momentum sounds like it could've been on Ariel's latest, Before Today. But besides both being perhaps the best underground pop musicians of their respective times, and the lengthy list of comparisons that could be drawn, the two are very different song-writers. The most vital similarities between them lie in their style of recording, or rather the philosophy of such a style and how they incorporate it to fit and enhance the feeling of their work - not just for novelty or out of necessity, like many 'lo-fi'/bedroom/cassette artists. Anyways, this is a fantastic album, a lost album, an anti-pop pop album, from a band which has only recently being rediscovered. Give it your attention and then make your way through the rest of Newell's work, because there are plenty more lustrous bullion where this came from.

Rating: 9/10


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