Monday, March 12, 2012

Julia Holter - Ekstasis (2012)

My first ever visit to LA, I saw Julia Holter play in a tiny room at 1830, a studio/art house off sunset, with maybe a dozen people in attendance (apparently the roof was the place to be even though her set rivaled Ariel and Gary Wilson's). It was hot and cramped and there was mood lighting and I swooned and fell in love.

Ekstasis, which is quite different from Ms. Holter's previous and more experimental, less-synthetic release, Tragedy, (which, in my book, solidified her as a 'real' artist and not just a typical lo-fi band-waggoner like some of her associates) is like Joanna Newsom's elegance meets Kate Bush's exotica meets The Space Lady's stylings. "In The Same Room" sounds a lot like it was made using John Maus' synths and keyboards. "Boy in the Moon" is an ambient trip you will want to take over and over. "Goddess Eyes II," technically a remix, is the heavenly pop hit here, an epic, soaring piece that resides in the ethersphere and is appropiately followed by the slow, sweet, & sentimental "Moni Mon Ami" which is oh so dreamy. The whole album is dreamy, but that song particular - lovely. My writing is getting sloppy and uncreative. I should go back to bed. This is a good album for kissing. Good for many things. Yes. Get.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. No full album :(? Am I missing something? I joined your facebook group... I like you.

  2. Yeah I specifically left the link out of this one because I feel its an album that should be bought, and that Julia is an artist who should be supported. I'm sure there are links out there though, but I dont include them on write ups of new releases. Anyways, glad you're a part of the group and thanks! :)

  3. Love what I'm hearing - I'm getting a Trish Keenan feel from the vocals. I'm so glad your Go Kart Mozart post from a while back drew me in, because I think we have just about identical tastes. I'm gonna track this album down asap! Thanks for the great recommendation!