Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wim Wenders - Pina (2011)

Wim Wenders' latest is an homage to dance choreographer and ballet director, Pina Bausch, and consists of a series of her works, as well as memoirs told by her dancers, captured and woven together by Wenders' masterful curation and direction to create an hour and forty-five minute spectacle that left me utterly mesmerized. If any other director would have attempted this film, I believe it would have had only a fraction of the impact. Every color, every movement, every act is so meticulously designed, yet seemingly organic - at once concurrent and chaotic, raw and refined - each piece so absurd and beautiful and symbolic like all art whose purpose is to convey the human spirit should be. A furious bursting of energy, and power, and passion, and helplessness, and fear, and grace, and frenzy, and entropy, and winsomeness, and flaw, and conflict, and futility, and yearning. In short: exponential.

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