Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Dress Well - Love Remains - (2010)

Despite having the most horrendous, god-awful band name in the history of nomenclature (and there have been some really stupid ones), I haven't had new music resonate with me like HTDW does in a long, long time. At its softer moments it sounds like Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works or Eno And Budd's Ambient 2 meets Aaliyah. At its poppier and more upbeat moments it sounds like Ariel Pink meets Justin Timberlake. On some songs his vocal pitch often extends past the threshold of his recording process and "bottoms out," adding another fuzzy layer of sound to the already hummiing production. Ultimately Love Remains succeeds on its element of beautiful subdued melodies. It makes for a highly hypnotic and narcotic effect; its like music your sub-conscious would compose in a half-lucid dream state. The album flows impeccably well, waxing and waning with heavily changing tempos throughout, and all the tracks are so short and sweet, they almost float right by you. One of the highlight songs, the magical "You Won't Need me Where I'm Goin'," has been on constant repeat this week and might just be my track of the year thus far. It's a very subtle "fuck you" sort of ballad and continues the theme of independence and self-affirmation Krell seems to be aiming for.

Since this technically hasn't even been released yet, I'll be respectful and not put up a link, but if you dig around google there's a few floating around out there.

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