Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sensations' Fix - Boxes Paradise (1977)

I hope you'll take my word for it when I tell you that Sensations' Fix were the most fucking amazing Italian psychedelic prog band to ever be. They also have one of the raddest band names ever conceived: Sensations' Fix. The implications with a name like are vast and awesome. I thought someone had laced my green beans with something tonight, but no, I was just listening to Boxes Paradise. Strangely enough, about the same time the epic, spaced out jams began, I could almost feel a wave of psilocin pulsating through my lymph nodes and making my jaws tingle and sending those funky vibrations flowing throughout my body. I had to go look into the mirror to make sure my pupils weren't dialated. Man, do I miss taking shrooms. Boxes Paradise is like the theme of Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To, only ten years prior and ten times as intense. The guitar sounds these guys make are unbelievable, and for a prog/psyche outfit, the songs are relatively well-crafted and definitely more accessible than their early work. This is a must-have record if you dig on this kind of thing. I also have a few of their other albums, so if anyone's interested, send me a shout.

Rating: 9.5/10



  1. This is great! Can I get some more of their albums? And do you have any other Italian prog recomendations?

  2. I'm not that into Italian prog outside of these guys and a few others, however, I'll be sure to post some of their material in the future.

  3. I'd love to hear this if you have time to re-up it again? :)