Monday, October 11, 2010

Boat Club - Caught the Breeze EP (2007)

Boat Club are a Balearic pop duo from Sweden. A quick peek at their band name, album title or EP's cover art, which is a photo of a seemingly endless seascape and dusky sky blending together on the horizon, gives you an idea of what their music sounds like. Their only release so far, Caught the Breeze, is like a tropical tinged version of The Wake's Here Comes Everybody - which in theory (and execution) is amazing. Although it's the same intelligent electronic yacht rock that has become somewhat of a trend as of late, and similar to what fellow genre mates The Tough Alliance, Air France, and The Embassy are doing, the only difference is that Andreas and Magnus are a step above their peers. It's not only the best in the genre, but I'd go as far as to say that its arguably the best and most enjoyable EP of the last decade. Bold statement, but once you listen, you may just agree. Their combination of breezy, easy going synths drift along with their uptempo beats and will make your ears happy. Andreas' vocals sound like he's kicked back on a reclining seat on a beach somewhere and someone stuck a microphone up to him while he's sipping a mimosa. Boat Club embody a general philosophy which I can get behind: beatitude - all the time, no less. Its a shame they've only released one six song EP, and haven't put out anything new in a while, as I'd love to hear a full album from these gents. Get on it, guys!

Rating: 10/10


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  1. Really great review Matt! You are spot on with the details. To me, this album fits more hand-in-hand with Pallers "The Sea Of Memories" I reviewed on my own blog, though the season is closer to Winter than this one. I have to check out more of your site when I can!
    michael fierce