Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mr. Wright - Metropolitan (2004)

Mr. Wright is a fashionable gentleman, a "Fancy Man" in his own words. That's not to say he's conceited. He's no stranger to loneliness, self-doubt, broken hearts, regrets, rejections, disappointments, and unrequited love stories to name a few. In short, he's a savant of immense depth and he portrays life and love and pain brilliantly and poetically through his songs. Metropolitan is equal parts melancholic and hopeful, his songwriting undulates dramatically from tristful, saturnine umbras to uplifting ballads, soft and poppy. His lyrical skill is remarkable and his words lie at the core of the songs themselves, simple enough, yet written on par with the lyrics of a great poet. "Anna Karina" especially, breaks my heart into a million pieces, every time. This is a truly earnest and endearing album that should be heard by all. Once again, I fully endorse this man and you should support him and buy his stuff on Itunes.

Note: Unfortunately, before I zipped this, I didn't add the track numbers to the song titles so the album is out of order. I can't stress enough how important it is to listen to this as it was originally intended. Here's the correct track listing:

1. North West Six
2. Crossing Shoot Up Hill
3. Cats Eyes
4. Anna Karina
5. Goodbye Baby
6. Hello World
7. Metropolitan
8. Autumn Sun
9. Over Your Rainbow
10. Future Love City
11. Underground

Rating: 9.5/10


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  1. Ahoi Matt.what a nice varied Blog,you run :D.I just re-discovered "Thames Valley Leather Club" and now i'm hunting for some Mr. Wrights other Work.Would you be so kind to re-up this Album.Thanks in advance and keep on spreading the good sound :).Greetz Percy