Sunday, October 17, 2010

Way of the West singles collection

Way of the West put out some damn great singles featuring up-tempo rhythms, funky bass lines, dancey hooks, and catchy lyrics that will make you want to bob, jog, jerk and jiggle your ass off. If you like dancing, just stop reading here and proceed straight to the link at the bottom. It's safe to say you'll enjoy it. Although, they never released any EPs or full lengths, they were pretty prosperous in the NYC club scene during the early 80s and released 6 singles, 4 of which are compiled here. "Don't Say it's Just for White Boys" was an underground hit of sorts, and has a nice and lean, but rather groovin' b-side. "Feel the Steel" has a brisk feel to it and some programmed echoing percussion that backs the track nicely. If you listen to these chronologically, you can kind of just close your eyes and pretend its an album. The songs sort of flow together, and would have made for a nice proper release. Collection includes:

Don't Say That It's Just for White Boys 12" (1980)
Drum (It's Just a March in Time) 7" (1981)
See You Shake 7" (1981)
Feel the Steel 12" (1984)

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  1. Found some nice stuff here, thanks!
    Any chance of reup on this since I can´t find it anywhere else?

  2. Yeah, gimme a day or so and I'll have it back up for ya!