Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Cleaners From Venus - Golden Cleaners

Firstly, what an awesome cover design this is. It's strikingly colorful and has great balance and contrast. Kudos to whoever was responsible for its creation. Anyways, onto the music... Martin Newell and his most notable project, The Cleaners From Venus, produced some of the finest and most under appreciated British pop of the eighties. Just about everything they did was unconventionally recorded and released on tape, with a lot of their distribution methods being underground, which ultimately led to them not getting much of the attention they deserved. I feel that this is a band whose sound is really frozen in time. Their music perfectly captures a particular essence of the decade, and because of that has a nostalgic glisten to it. Maybe it has to do with the nature of the song-writing as well, but that's the impression I get whenever I listen to them. They certainly have a distinguished sentimental vibe going on. Overall, outside of "I was a Teenage Idiot Dancer" - which is an appallingly obnoxious song - this is a wonderful collection and I recommend it to anyone who digs on catchy melodies and somewhat peculiar lo-fi pop.

Rating: 8.5/10


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