Friday, July 23, 2010

Momus - Voyager (1992)

There are few artists who marry intelligence with good song-writing so closely or to such a great effect as Nick Currie does. He is also one of the least languorous musicians in the business. His output over the years is staggering, extending beyond a double digit discography into extensive journals and writings as well. In my opinion, Voyager is Momus at his pinnacle. There is still a good deal of pastiche, especially in regards to the style of the music, but this is one of Momus' most austere and competent works. The production is incredible and there is great fluidity throughout. Lyrically, I also feel that this is Momus at his finest, which is saying a lot, because his range of topics and brilliant execution over the years has always been top notch and incredibly diverse. Overall this is a wonderful genre blend of introspective dance music, which makes for an immersed and fascinating listening experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rating: 10/10


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