Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wake - Here Comes Everybody + Singles (1985)

This album has some of the most beautiful juxtapositions of post-punk sound to have ever graced my ears. It's sweet noise is like that of an aural opiate: up-tempo, yet lulling. A personal anecdote - I've had this for a few years now and I used to jam it all the time while delivering pizza in Denton - it was really stirring back then, and still is when the mood strikes to put it on. I have vivid memories of it being wintertime, hoping for a delivery across town so I could have a chance for an extended listen. I'd be smoking cigarettes with the windows down, allowing the cold air to come in with my heater on as well, so I'd have warm air to create a pleasant swirling of sensations. That feeling sort of describes this album. Part of its chemistry lies in its distinct opposing attributes: the lyrics are a tad depressing, the bass lines accentuate them, it's gorgeous melodies are pristine like morning snow, yet the synths are warm like a summer's night. This complex dichotomy evokes a comforting sadness that you can easily find yourself lost in. All in all, a magnificent collection of songs and by far their best album.

Rating: 10/10


Live @ The Hacienda, 1983:


  1. i 2nd that...
    preferably the rereleased LTM cd, in lossless FLACs.
    many thanks!