Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Iron Curtain - Tarantula Scream (1984)

In celebration of my 100th post (and the approaching thunder storm) I'm sharing with you today the extended version of Iron Curtain's cult classic, Tarantula Scream, my all-time favorite (and perhaps the most unitary) minimal wave album ever. The album has the fluidity and sense of movement of a pop record and every song is diligently layered, catchy and memorable, which is rare for the genre. It's the perfect hybridization of minimal wave and synth pop, equal parts foreboding and inviting.

Speaking of dualities, there are obvious themes of despair and darkness here, but for some reason this album's sonorous synth tones never fail to put me in a good mood. There is also so much atmosphere its easy to mistake the music for the score to a campy 80s horror film, however, Tarantula Scream is anything but cheesy. It's austere and fatalistic, almost darkly romantic, with a current of electricity flowing through the channels of every track. The lyrical imagery and the distant, echoing vocals go with tense, frosty music and add another dimension to the moodiness. Great music for chilly weather and nights where you can feel that peculiar "something" in the air, which makes you feel just a bit more visceral and alive than usual.

Rating: 9.5/10


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