Thursday, September 9, 2010

Would-be-goods - The Camera Loves Me (1988)

Smart, fashionable, and cute as hell, Jessica Griffin's Would-be-goods are a British indie pop group with a wry, charismatic sense of humor. Although the band was essentially Jessica's, she had plenty of help from high(er) places. Her first single was co-written by no other than unfamed film composer and self proclaimed King of Luxembourg, Simon Turner and her first and second albums were backed by The Monochrome Set, proving once again the old cliche it's about who you know. Stylistically, every song is playfully catchy and portrays the aforementioned sense of humor with the upbeat 60s pop they're trying to emulate. Your toes'll be tapping and you'll be on your feet doing the twist before you know it. However, as pleasant as the music is, their real charm lies in Griffin's witty and charming lyrics, songs like the title track "The Camera Loves me," "Velazquez and I," "Pinstriped Rebel," "Marvelous Boy," - heck, pretty much every song on the record - is brilliant. This album is girly, delicate, and unmistakably British, but ultimately lovable more than anything else. An El Records classic!

Rating: 8.5/10


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  1. A quite wonderful record... Thank you for that, and for an awesome blog! Viva él records!