Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peter Perrett in The One - Woke Up Sticky (1996)

Peter Perrett has never been a man of moderation. However, despite being a notorious roue and reprobate, despite his knack for indulgence, he has always been one of the more cultivated and endearing junkie rock stars of his generation. I think his music has always shown this even back in the early days with England's Glory; he's always had an eccentric, albeit self-centered persona. Known for his tendency to disappear, much like fellow rock icon (and fellow heroin/crack addict) Dan Treacy, Perrett would go into reclusive phases and vanish for years at at time, "spending most of the 80's in a bedroom he rarely left, heroin his only companion, physically deteriorating into a scuzzy, unkempt mess, sinking so low that (Johnny) Thunders himself felt obligated to give him a pep talk (imagine!)" No matter how high on the charts his one hit wonder ("Another Girl, Another Planet") rose, he always seemed on the fringe, doing his own thing. This was a rare quality for his kind who usually end up corralled and pushed around by record execs, wilting at the end of the road with a career gone sour (although fate and self-destructive decisions would eventually find him in such a position regardless).

Woke Up Sticky was Peter's harrowingly confessional reemergence, the gathering of his shit together; his heart on sleeve, woes exposed, and his guitar playing and song-writing at its finest. Lyrically Perrett is intellectual and sincere, while maintaining a level of rock 'n roll simplicity. The production is super clean throughout and doesn't sound the least bit sloppy like The Only Ones occasionally would. His cover of The Kink's "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" is so convincing and passionate if you didn't know better you'd think it was an original song. Standout songs like the title track, "The Shame of Being You," and "Shivers" are all parts of a staggeringly vivacious and heartfelt whole, a beautiful medley of anger and love, a testimony to life itself. Welcome the return of that shivery feeling.

Rating: 9.5/10

DOWNLOAD (Includes both the EP and the LP of the same name)

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  1. Love your site. Just wondering if you could possibly re-up this wonderful LP and EP. Here is hoping so! Cheers!