Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paris Angels complete discography

Paris Angels were a 7-piece who briefly illuminated the Madchester scene in the early 90s and are tied with the Happy Mondays as my favorite Madchester band. Rhapsodic and groovy electronic, combining pop and dance, accentuated with that distinguishable late 80s, early 90s indie guitar sound, their style is fetching and chic, even by today's standards (or rather especially by today's standards, considering how tame, sterile and contrived most pop music has been recently). This collection which I nabbed from the blokes over at The Power of Independent Trucking, has all of their singles (with some great extended / instrumental remixes) and their only LP which features a few songs from the singles as well as a handful of new recordings. So bust out your euphoric empathogens, get your disco ball spinning, and get ready to groove.

Collection features:

Home (compilation, 1989)
Perfume (single, 1990)
Scope (single, 1990)
Oh Yes (single, 1991)
Perfume (single, virgin issue, 1991)
Sundew (LP, 1991)
Fade (single, 1991)


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    New Paris Angels single - out now on itunes etc - from unreleased 2nd lp Eclipse which is out on Stereokill records later this year.

    Cheers x