Monday, January 24, 2011

Alison Statton & Spike - Maple Snow (1995)

I heard about this duo from an interview with Matt Fishbeck of Holy Shit and his praises had me track down some of their stuff. Maple Snow is a live album recorded in Japan by Alison Statton & Spike, better known for their involvement with Young Marble Giants, and to a lesser extent Weekend. The music is soft and pleasant, an olio of opalescent heartfelt seabreezy sonatas. Statton's vocals are lazy like a cat on a summer day, but her voice is quite exquisite; melodic and captivating and suits the laid back vibe of their sound perfectly. This is the ultimate album to relax to, especially the first portion. The latter half gets jazzier and a bit more upbeat, but still maintains a warm feel of comfort. There's a hint of sadness on songs such as "Missing You" and "Web of Decline" that you hardly notice because of the calming pianissimo of the music. This album works great for starting off your day or falling asleep to, as it's congenial charms will have you feeling nice and fuzzy inside. Much like Weekend's La Variete, a listen to Maple Snow's airy, jazzy compositions will have you feeling like you're on a sandy beach on some far off coastal locale. Kick back and enjoy.

Rating: 8.5/10


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