Monday, January 24, 2011

Daybed - Preludes (2010)

Daybed are in a league of their own. You don't come across many minimal wave revivalists these days and you certainly don’t come across many who did it this well. A marvelous neoteric commingling of now defunct genres: minimal, cold, and new wave permeate Day Bed's vintage frosty menthol sound. Carla's echoing vocals are like pristine graupel, distant, yet simultaneously mellifluous and almost angelic, and add to the atmosphere nicely. Their cover of the Zombies' “Girl, Help Me” has been stuck in my head for days...awesome stuff. They have a Myspace here and a soundcloud here, where you can listen to more of their material or if you feel inclined and generous, you can buy their debut EP, Preludes from no emb blanc, here.


  1. You should really check out Molly Nilsson's music, she's really tapping into what made cold wave so intriguing to begin with:

  2. im digg'n the order live is always great... i saw them when i was should do a whole in depth study of music for the masses... see what a masterpiece the entire album is..from lyrics to the arrangment of songs, the fashion then ..the album flows beautifly... the way the entire album makes a person feel ..