Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Go Boom!! - Selected Discography

Per request, I'm sharing the rest of my collection of the small discography of They Go Boom!! that I have. These guys' material is apparently pretty hard to track down. I used to have Atlantic, which was their fantastic debut full length, but I lost it with a hard-drive crash and now it is nowhere to be found on the internets. I was ready to fork over some cash to get it back, but you can't even find their stuff on Itunes. Listening to They Go Boom!! can be likened to the love of your life breaking up with you for another and then you taking a big fat tab of ecstasy immediately afterward. Taking notes from New Order and other later 80s electronic groups as well as 90s Swedish pop, their music is flauntingly upbeat. To say that it is sugary would be a grand understatement. This saccharine, seemingly paeanic style fused with rather melancholy, introspective lyrics doesn't clash at all, but rather compliments each other well. So yeah, despite the lyrics there are no plaints here, just pop in its purest most joyful form. Quaff it in; its succulent. I'd also like to say that it boggles my mind how 97...98...99 was never released as "King of Excuses" is one of the greatest pop songs ever written.

What's included:

Margate So Much to Answer For (Cassette? year unknown)
The Summer's On It's Way EP (1990)
Beyond Tomorrow EP (1993)
Island Nation EP (1997)
97...98...99 (Album, unreleased)
Bonus track: "She's Not my Friend"

What's missing:

Europop EP (1992)
I Can't Go Back EP (1992)
The Ruby Lounge EP (1992)

If anyone has any of these or knows where I can find/purchase them, please let me know. Thanks!



  1. Hey! I've got some of these TGB!! releases that you're missing plus some more that you didn't mention. If you're interested I can upload them for you or give you links to those which are still available online...

    Tinsel Heart

  2. That would be great! you can reach me at or just post the links on here. It would be much appreciated <3