Wednesday, February 16, 2011

McCarthy - The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth (1989)

The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth is a musical molotov cocktail that’s a mixture of power chords and virile, virtuous lyrics. I’ve always liked McCarthy because of their keen sense of political awareness and proactive mentality of “less talk, more action.” They go as far as to advocating violence to start a coup - which is a lot more effective than hippies sitting on their asses singing songs in a peace protest. Yeah, I've stolen, dumpster doven, train hopped - I know real anarchy from the fake. Their polemic (how often can you use that word when referring to a band?) is strong and convincing, as any should be. This is a record to provoke action through intelligent liberal ideals and had it more exposure it could have sparked a much needed revolution. Probably not, but we can think wishfully, can’t we?

As a triad, all three of their albums in their repertoire stand strong, but I think they hit their zenith with the middle child, The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth. The songwriting is tightly forged and their knack for producing raw pop is at its finest here. Another impressive quality worth noting is the amount of tracks on this album; its sheer fruitfulness is almost overbearing. There’s so much to take in on one listen – this album contains 19 songs and is over 70 minutes long; it’s superfluous to say the least. However, with an album with so much sheer material, you’re gonna come across a dud or two. Also a few of the songs sound a little too much alike one another and the album tends to favor a recumbency to the front a little, but not too much. Nitpicks aside, The Enraged Will Inherit of the Earth is a powerful weapon that didn’t get enough of a user base to make its intended impact. If the question was ever proposed, "can art be a weapon?" I think this album answers with a bold and resounding “yes.”

Rating: 9/10


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