Saturday, February 26, 2011

Well, merde

The internet connection I was leeching is now password protected, so I have to rely on a much shakier one temporarily, which means I might not be able to upload for a while. I'm currently on hold with AT&T trying to set up an account, but the installation fee is probably going to be pricey because of my credit, or lackthereof. Either way I'm getting a solid connection soon, so once everything is set up, there shouldn't be any hold ups or gaps in posts. However the next week could be sparse on updates, but after that, expect BS to back in full force.

Edit: the technician is coming on March 5th, so after that I'll have REAL ACTUAL internet for a year!

The only other bummer I thought I'd mention is that I'm running out of new bands in my 'very best' folder to post. However I do have an extensive post punk folder, as well as a very extensive twee folder. So I apologize in advance for straying away from my usual pop/indie routine, but I always have plenty of Felt, Momus, and Durutti Column records to bombard you guys with, so don't fret.

In the meantime, be real, and BS will be back in full effect on the 5th.

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