Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sensations' Fix - Selected Discography

I got asked a while back to post the rest of my material that I had from this rara avis Italian prog outfit, so although it took me a good minute, I’m doing so now. Words and phrases that immediately come to mind when describing Sensations’ Fix: “fucking awesome” “epic” “badass,” & so on. Both Finest Finger and Portable Madness open with eerie presages that sounds straight out of a 70s horror flick. At times a nightmarish odyssey, at others a divine, arcane, flickering phantasm of ambiguity, and occasionally sounding like music for navigating a labyrinthine 8-bit oubliette of some vintage arcade game. These atmospherics and evocations of bizarre milieu are no coincidence as guitarist and founder Franco Falsini did the soundtrack for a film (Cold Nose) in 1975 in between Sensations' Fix recordings.

Although neither of these LPs are quite as good as Boxes Paradise (which is a masterpiece in all respects), Finest Finger is a solid precursor to that magnum opus, and you can see the direction they were beginning to take with more structured songwriting and the inclusion of vocals, which weren’t present on 1974's Portable Madness. Portable Madness is fully instrumental but the vibes are there and the vocals aren’t really needed. Speaking of vibes, the cosmic sensations emitting from these guys are just, for lack of a better phrase, pure insanity. I've really never heard anything else like it, although I'm no prog guru by any means. Songs on both albums build and build and then peak, then fading away to the next prog rock mystical space jam. As I mentioned in my previous article on Boxes Paradise, the music itself feels like taking psychedelic drugs, which is a cool effect when you've run out of your stash. I couldn’t imagine actually being on shrooms or something and listening to Sensations’ Fix simultaneously. The universe could implode.


Portable Madness (1974)
Finest Finger (1976)

Boxes Paradise can be found here, but I'm not sure if the link is still operational. I'll re-up it if need be. I couldn’t track down their 1974 self-titled debut, however, these two should be suffice to get your Italian prog “fix” for the time being. Also, this doesn’t include their second LP, Fragments of Light (which was also released in 1974), however, I’ve seen it floating around on a few other blogs


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  1. could you please re-up the sensations fix stuff you have? really like the small amount of them that i have