Monday, February 28, 2011

MIX - 19 Songs That Will Always Break my Heart

I made this mix for my good friend Carla, and figured I share it with you guys as well. The title says it all.

01) Michel Polnareff - Love Me Please Love Me
02) Scott Walker - Black Sheep Boy
03) The Apartments - Mr. Somewhere
04) Mojave 3 - Return to Sender
05) Mr. Wright - Anna Karina
06) The Stockholm Monsters - Decalogue
07) Wild Swans - The Worst Year of my Life
08) Television Personalities - All my Dreams are Dead
09) Red House Painters - Things Mean a Lot
10) Pulp - Blue Girls
11) Paul Quinn & The Independent Group - The Phantoms and the Archetypes
12) The Legendary Pink Dots - Belladonna
13) The Durutti Column - Spent Time
14) Blueboy - Also Ran
15) Alison Statton and Spike - Missing You
16) The Wake - Melancholy Man
17) Momus - The Sadness of Things
18) Martin Phillipps - Haunt Me [this song in particular breaks my heart into a million pieces]
19) Judee Sill - The Kiss


Note: This may be a little longer than 80 minutes and might not fit on your standard CD-r, but you can always take a song or two off if you feel inclined to burn it to a disc.

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