Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jens Lekman - "Erica America"

Jens' newest album will likely be somewhere at the front of the BS year-end list and I got to see him and his endearing band play it in its entirety this Monday. ,If you ever get a chance to see Jens Lekman live, please do. One of the most sad and joyous performances I've seen all year.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fascinator - Sexuality Mystery

I get many emails from bands asking me to do write-ups or inclusions with their music, however, most of these are more or less PR plugs spammed to every 'indie' blog on whatever list whoever has compiled, or just do not fit the general aesthetic of my blog. Because of this, 99% are ignored, but the song featured in the video below really caught my ear and I would like to promote it. Check it:

I have yet to hear the EP, however, there is more where this came from at Fascinator's Soundcloud:

On an unrelated note, my mediafire account was suspended for the first time in three years thanks to none other than.....wait....Brian Jonestown Massacre?

Unexpected (especially on a mix with two big label tracks), but irking, as mixes with single songs from artists are intended to PROMOTE the artist. An album would be understanding, but I am generally fairly tactful with what albums I post and which ones I do not. Oh well, guess I won't be buying any BJM records ever again....thanks label!

New links will be up sometime soon.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MIX - Raw Dogs in Heat

For the young, dumb, drugged, and dangerous. 


01) Heroin in Tahiti - Sartana
02) Liars - Scarecrows on a Killer Slant
03) Mu - My Name is Tommi
04) SpaceGhostPurrp - The Black God
05) Gold Chains - Much Currency Flows
06) Xiu Xiu - Don Diasco
07) The Shadow Ring - City Lights
08) Third Sight - Tonto
09) Zazen Boys - Friday Night
10) Lil B - I Own Swag
11) MEDIAFIRED - Inner Jerks
12) A.R.E. Weapons - Headbanger Face
13) Die Antw00rd - Baby's On Fire
14)  McLusky - Without MSG I'm Nothing
15) Arca - 2 Blunted
16) The Goslings - Croatan
17) The Angels of Light - Not Here / Not Now
18) Smog - Sleepy Joe
19) Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cabin Fever


Monday, November 5, 2012

MIX - The Sun Crosses Overhead

Music for pits, grottos, wells, chasms, tombs, trenches, etc.

01) Mount Eerie - "My Heart is Not at Peace"
02) Tuxedomoon - "Dark Temple"
03) Crawling Chaos - "Danger in Paradise"
04) Thighpaulsandra - "Vomitting Child"
05) The Residents - "Almost Perfect"
06) German Shepherds - "Love Me"
07) Mark Lane - "Tsar"
08) The Shadow Ring - "City Lights"
09) Karl Blake - "Babies in Grey"
10) Xiu Xiu - "Poe Poe"
11) Swans - "How They Suffer"
12) Negativland - "View to the Sun"
13) Flaming chunes - "Generous Moon"
14) Legendary Pink Dots - "Ghost"
15) Akira Yamaoka - "Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me"
16) Martyn Bates - "And I Don't Know How Long it Will Be"
17) Simon Fisher Turner - "A Gourmet's Love Song"


The Assembly - Never Never