Saturday, October 29, 2016




-0:10  Arrogantly, you brag to your roommate about it. She says its a bad idea, that’s its way too much. Whatever, you think. She tries to persuade you to at least stay home. That place is creepy, she says, even on normal nights.. You say 'good', it’s Halloween. She shakes her head and says not creepy in a good way. Again, she says its a bad idea.

-0:40 - Your friend picks you up. You talk for a bit, then the two of your drive silently listening to dark, rhythmic music blaring loudly from stock speakers. You gaze out the window. The streetlights flow by one after another. You can already feel it in your neck; an electricity almost. Its gonna be wild.

-1:10 - You arrive at the warehouse in an abandoned industrial sector. Stepping out of the car, it is clear your senses are heavily magnified. Shards of glass and rock pebbles crunch crisply under your feet. Spatially, everything is slightly distorted. Sounds are brisk and accented. Time feels different, retarded. At the end of the makeshift parking lot, you see a homeless man facing an empty street. He is cursing at some invisible something or someone. You watch him in awe for a moment. It seems absurd and you begin laughing, but there is an uneasiness in the hilarity. The homeless man turns and sees you laughing at him and peers back with a petrifying, ominous gaze. 

-1:15 - You and your friend hang around outside for a bit smoking cigarettes with a small crowd. Your body feels very, very strange now. Everything your friend says seems outrageous. You nod and laugh, and give unconsciously manufactured replies as your attention shifts about the many characters around you, the many sensations bombarding your body, the whole peculiar phenomena of the moment.

-1:30  Inside, everything changes. Stepping through the vestibule it feels as if you have entered into another dimension. As you proceed further in, it is dark and stuffy and loud and you can hear and see - yes, visibly - the music growing louder in the atmosphere ahead. Once into the main gallery your friend goes to get drinks. Strobes flash igniting the area for milliseconds at a time. Once your friend is gone, you close your eyes and the music takes the form of rich, dynamic images. A vaguely ethnic robot pounds a drum made of glory. One song goes on and on and you see a time-lapse of fungi on fire, burning brighter and growing into complex patterns. Everyone is dancing except you, a thousand silhouettes in motion, but it doesn’t matter. Somehow the word ‘conquer’ enters your mind and has profound implications. Leaning against the wall, you feel like a god.

-2:00 - It has been a long time and your friend has not returned. Hasn't it been a long time? You decide it has and begin looking around for your friend but cannot find him anywhere. There are just vague bodies in unsynchronized dance skipping chaotically like frames of a bizarre cartoon and it dawns on you that another transformation has since occurred. On impulse, you begin wandering out into the crowd, but your body is wobbling as if the ground is oscillating under you. There is someone dressed as a giant Kafkaesque insect, and someone else naked and paint entirely red, with horns projecting from their head. It is too harrowing to bear and so you return to the corner, feeling very alone and confused.

-2:05 - Everything devolves so fast. The weird thoughts become weirder thoughts and the weirder thoughts become bad, frightening ones until you have to sit down. As your mind continues to race in abstraction, there is a seedling of terror growing in your gut. You don’t know who you are or why you came to this place of pandemonium. The music shifts from abrasive to confusing and though the sounds progress, time has become non-existent.

-2:15 - Someone calls your name, serrated under the slabs of noise. The sound of your name causes you to panic and spiral into a fractured analysis of identity and labels for a dozen seconds that seem last aeons shy of eternity until you notice your friend has casually returned and is looming tall over you, asking what you are doing, asking if you are alright. You say no, you are not. You say you need to leave. Your friend seems all of a sudden like a stranger to you, but agrees to take you home.

-2:35 - Leaving does not make you feel better. You feel like you have crossed some kind of ominous rubicon. Your friend is disappointed with having to leave and the inside of the car has an oppressive air and the silence is more deafening than the music was. There are police sirens and you are certain they are coming for you and this makes your trepidation multiply. 

-2:55 - When the car finally stops, you do not recognize your house. Mostly in shadows, it looks old and decaying under the puke yellow streetlight. Still you get out. You mumble an apology and stumble up the walkway, hoping to find solace in solitude.

-3:00 - The house is dark as a vast cave buried deep beneath the earth, and the quiet - now total - is maddening. You have to navigate with all of your faculties just to arrive at the your room. This is an ordeal in itself, but you finally make it. Nagged by the possibility that this are just beginning, you go into bed and curl up, ready to the fight them, to push them away somehow, to resist.

-3:30 - The fight has since proven futile and it feels like you are in hell and it feels like you are not going to ever escape. Your nerves are wound so tight, and your insides begin to hurt. . All there is to do now, you tell yourself, is endure. As the pain progressively worsens, you try to think of mantras, but they are petty and useless in the face of such pythonic agonies. 

-4:15 - You need help. You wake up your roommate and tell her you think you may be dying. She says she told you so. You tell her you are scared. Please, you say. Please. She says you should go to the hospital, that she has to work in the morning. The thought of a hospital sends shockwaves throughout your nervous system. You go back to your room and close the door. You lay back down. The discomfort in your chest has become a ubiquitous pain and dread a steady, unending panic. Sinking deeper into this nightmare, you ask yourself : How am I going to survive this…? Several moments later a distant voice outside howls like a wolf and yells “Happy Halloween” into the night.

PART 1: Obscured Journey

01) System 01 - Disembodied Voices
02) Swans - Like a Drug (Sha la la La)
03) Random Hold - With People Out of Love
04) Ramases - Life Child
05) Catherine Ribeiro - Final Paix
06) Pulp - Roald Dahl (live)
07) Lords of Acid - Let's Get High
08) Neon - No Limit (Dance Mix)
09) Negativland - We Are Driven
10) Syntax - Disco Devil (Footwork remix)
11) The Evolution Control Commitee - The Fucking Moon
12) Techno Animal - Freefall

PART 2: Floating in Dead Space

13) Yen Tech - Armored Core
14) Emptyset - Avichi
15) 18+ - Piano in the Snow (Null)
16) V1nce Staples - Norf Norf
17) Interlude - Laughing
18) Hot Boys - Off Tha Porch
19) Suicide - Wrong Decisions
20) Rome - To Be Governed
21) The Golden Palominos - Ride
22) Laid Back - White Horse
23) Inertia - Defender
24) Toxic Lipstick - My Lil Pony
25) The Weathermen - Domotic
26) The Residents - Mark
27) Trans Am - Uninvited Guest

PART 3: After the Night, (Spectres Dance in) The Light

28) Severed Heads - We Have Come to Bless This House
29) DJ Bert & Eagle - I am Your Master
30) Arthur Brown - Spirits Take Flight
31) Thomas Dinger - Alleewalzer
32) Graham Kartna - Star U
33) The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentlemen - Niteride
34) Jeff Phelps - Super Lady
35) Ruins - Bodies in the Rubbish
36) Stepahn Eicher - Noise Boys Song
37) Tone Set - What Good's a Hit Song?
38) Vito Ricci - I'm at That Party Right Now
39) The Id - Misunderstanding
40) Chris Morris - Doc Phone


Saturday, October 22, 2016



01) Bobby Scarlet - I've Been Insulted By More Texans Than Anyone Else in The World
02) The Bhagavad Guitars - Awakening Earth
03) The Lightning Seeds - Whole Wide World (Wreckless Eric cover)
04) Big Sur - Catch Me I'm Falling
05) Solid Space - A Darkness in My Soul
06) Eyeless in Gaza - My Lost Melody
07) Wilson & The Americans - Drifting Sand
08) Pulp - Acyrlic Afternoons (Peel session 1993)
09) B-Movie - My Ship of Dreams
10) Say-so - Celebration Waiting
11) Recipe - Excerpt B, Steamwise
12) 101 Dalmatians - Holly Sign
13) China Crisis - Everyday the Same
14) The Big Dish - Across the Province
15) Rainbirds - Love is a Better Word (White City of Lights)
16) A Riot of Colour - Swallow
17) Close Lobsters - From This Day On
18) Cat and Mouse Band - The Problem
19) Desert Wolves - Stopped in My Tracks
20) Orange Juice - Dying Day
21) Bookmakers - J'attends L'ete
22) Made in Poland - Moc
23) The Spinning Wheels - A Million Years
24) Another Pretty Face - Soul to Soul
25) The Comsat Angels - Field of Tall Flowers
26) Duffy - Holding Hands With Grace
27) Most Wanted Men - Streetcar Named Desire


Sunday, October 16, 2016



More of a chilled-y late autumn edition

01) Another Pretty Face - Boy in Black Leather
02) The Moffs - Another Day In the Sun
03) I Want Pregnant Women - Pray, Nymph
04) The Hit Parade - Now the Holiday's Over
05) Red Guitars - National Avenue (Sunday Afternoon)
06) Les Max Valentin - Printemps Parapluie
07) Mod On - Too Much
08) Afterimage - Sunrise
09) The Edge - Heroine
10) Peter Astor - Afternoon
11) Graduates - The Good Things
12) Roman A Clef - The Prisoner
13) Power of Dreams - My Average Day
14) The Westmorelands - Waiting For Echoes
15) Jane Pow - Sophia Green
16) Tugboat Fantastic - I'll Stick With You
17) Ivy - The Best Thing
18) Incredible Blondes - True
19) Curious (Yellow) - Love Itself
20) Graham Fellows - Kiss and Tremble
21) Robyn Hitchcock - The Ghost in You
22) Damien Youth - Mary Wake Up
23) One - Room to Dream
24) Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins - Time is Slipping
25) Zru Vogue - Imperfect
26) Brick Supply - Acute Bifocal Torture