Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oliver Pietsch

One of my favorite thematic video artists:

oliver pietsch - tuned
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Sadly, sadly, sadly, this is not the full version of 'TUNED.' Its a shame that the original 2 part video was removed from youtube, because the ending to this video is so delicately woven in its portrayal of the darker side of serious drug addiction: the downward spiral and loss of control, and then into the solemn aftermath, the ruination into insanity or anhedonia in stark contrast to its excitable and promising beginnings the culture offers. It boggles my mind to think how much time the artist spent in creating these video collages - the end result is just too amazing.

Mexico 70 - Imperial Comet Hour

This album is teetering at times. Depending on what year you were born, it may be a little "too much" for you. What I mean by that is that it has a definite noticeable particularity about it; a 90s radio rock vibe. So, if you were born in the 80's like myself, this may evoke a guilty nostalgia and unconsciously draw you into this record, but if you fall outside of that particular age group I could see this inducing a bit of nausea perhaps. These songs are the epitome of saccharine pop. Songs you listen to on lazy warm days, when you're feeling good to amplify or complement your mood. Or maybe, you're indulging in a comfortable refuge of solitude, sorting things out or just comfortably wasting time - this is a good album for that too. Mick Bund studied under the prestigious school of Felt, so despite the radio friendly leanings and a few filler tracks, there are some really nice melodies in here.

1. Every Hour
2. I Want You
3. Till You've Spoken
4. Best and Hurst
5. It'll Never Happen Again
6. In Time
7. Hate for You
8. So Do I
9. Road Movie in You
10. Me All Over
11. Days Can't Touch You Now
12. Little Tears
13. Jimmy McGriff
14. Jet Century Horses

Rating - 6/10


James Kirk - You Can Make It If You Boogie

James Kirk, previously of Orange Juice and affiliated with legend Paul Quinn and his Independent Group, released this under the radar classic back in 2003. Full of jangly catchy tunes, sometimes bordering on the funky side of things, this is a criminally underrated release. Its a shame when such talented musicians go on extended hiatuses, but inspiration comes and goes, so I guess it's understandable. Although it'll probably never happen, it'd be nice to see Kirk get back together with Quinn for another Independent Group release. We can dream can't we?

01. Get On Board
02. Nilsson
03. Rehab
04. Cardboard Castles
05. Any Old Iron (Part I)
06. Outre
07. Krach Auf Wiedersehen
08. Houston, Texas
09. Liggin' Round Again
10. Fruitier Than Thou
11. Felicity
12. Old Soak
13. Western Pier

Bonus Track - Memphis - "You Supply the Roses"

Rating - 8/10




Did you know that if you take your standard sleeping medication (Ambien, Lunesta, etc.) when you are well-rested, it produces a strange, yet lucid, dream-like state of altered sensory and perception? It has been described by some on high doses as a "waking dream." Try it out for yourself, just don't dream and drive.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BMX Bandits - C86 Plus

I get the feeling that these songs were written and recorded, maybe not intentionally, but nevertheless, for people to put on mix tapes to give to their crushes years down the line in desperate attempts to play cupid. The simple, but catchy lyrics of "Disco Girl" would make for a good one to have him or her get a glimpse at your sensitive side. This compilation consists of the band's early material, cute little melodic songs about the ups and downs of lighthearted romanticism, heart breaks and holding hands and all that lovey dovey shit. Well, hopeless romantic, Duglas T. Stewart is out there and understands...

1. Disco Girl
2. Right Across the Street
3. Top Shop Girl
4. Rimbaud and Me
5. Disco Girl
6. Your Class
7. Whirpool
8. C86
9. On Somedays
10. But Tonight
11. Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide
12. Heaven's Daughter
13. Stardate [*]
14. Figure 4 [*]
15. Strawberry Sundae [*]
16. C'Est le Vent, Betty [*]
17. Thinkin' About You Baby [*]
18. Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide [*][Instrumental]
19. Your Class [Live]

Rating - 8/10