Wednesday, June 30, 2010

James Kirk - You Can Make It If You Boogie

James Kirk, previously of Orange Juice and affiliated with legend Paul Quinn and his Independent Group, released this under the radar classic back in 2003. Full of jangly catchy tunes, sometimes bordering on the funky side of things, this is a criminally underrated release. Its a shame when such talented musicians go on extended hiatuses, but inspiration comes and goes, so I guess it's understandable. Although it'll probably never happen, it'd be nice to see Kirk get back together with Quinn for another Independent Group release. We can dream can't we?

01. Get On Board
02. Nilsson
03. Rehab
04. Cardboard Castles
05. Any Old Iron (Part I)
06. Outre
07. Krach Auf Wiedersehen
08. Houston, Texas
09. Liggin' Round Again
10. Fruitier Than Thou
11. Felicity
12. Old Soak
13. Western Pier

Bonus Track - Memphis - "You Supply the Roses"

Rating - 8/10



  1. Just discovered your blog and really digging your taste in music. Any chance you can reup this album. I love Orange Juice and his songs were always some of my favourites. Thanks

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