Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BMX Bandits - C86 Plus

I get the feeling that these songs were written and recorded, maybe not intentionally, but nevertheless, for people to put on mix tapes to give to their crushes years down the line in desperate attempts to play cupid. The simple, but catchy lyrics of "Disco Girl" would make for a good one to have him or her get a glimpse at your sensitive side. This compilation consists of the band's early material, cute little melodic songs about the ups and downs of lighthearted romanticism, heart breaks and holding hands and all that lovey dovey shit. Well, hopeless romantic, Duglas T. Stewart is out there and understands...

1. Disco Girl
2. Right Across the Street
3. Top Shop Girl
4. Rimbaud and Me
5. Disco Girl
6. Your Class
7. Whirpool
8. C86
9. On Somedays
10. But Tonight
11. Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide
12. Heaven's Daughter
13. Stardate [*]
14. Figure 4 [*]
15. Strawberry Sundae [*]
16. C'Est le Vent, Betty [*]
17. Thinkin' About You Baby [*]
18. Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide [*][Instrumental]
19. Your Class [Live]

Rating - 8/10

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