Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lora Logic - Pedigree Charm (1982)

During the recording of the second Essential Logic album, pre-riot grrrl Susan Whitby (aka Lora Logic) disbanded the group and decided to go solo. I think she was like 17 or something at the time too, which is pretty impressive. Her solo material doesn't stray from the Essential Logic recipe of messy post punk atonality too much, but its a little more accessible and dancey. Pedigree Charm opens boisterously with Lora performing a sax solo and then breaks into some funky guitar rhythms to which Lora's mellifluous and dynamic voice soon takes over. The album then transitions from to bluesy coke music ("Horrible Party") to more distinct rug cutting tracks such as "Wonderful Offer" and "Stop, Halt" (an ironic title choice its so terpsichorean) to almost harmonious bizarro pop ("Martian Man"). The latter half of the album is a bit gauche and dabbles with more avant-garde and free jazz experimentation and is far more dissonant than the first, but that was always kind of a trend with this period and style.

Rating: 7/10


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  1. Hi any chance you can re-up Pedigree Charm by Lora Logic? Any other Essential Logic? And have you anything from Unknown Gender? Thank you!!