Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EX-pansions and bigGER hits

Expanding the blog to some new horizons in the upcoming months, most notably the inclusion of interviews with some of our favorite older bands, as well as contemporary acts, and the introduction of a monthly podcast (which will hopefully one day transform into a live radio show) entitled BUD KLUB, featuring Budd Dwyer (yours truly), Buddy Holly (Jezy Gray), and occasional special guest when we can get the teleconferencing thing worked out, Cannabis Sativa (Alan Palomo of Neon Indian fame). All I can say right now is that we're working on the technical aspects, Darcy Clay's "What About It" will be our theme song and you should expect the first edition by mid March. Be vigiliant; good things to come from BS in the future.

Also, we're approaching the celebration of 20,000 unique visitors since our humble nascent beginnings in June, 5,000 of which have occurred within the last month (which means 1/4 of our visitors have stopped by recently, which means rapid growth for our userbase). When we reach the 20,000 mark I may do a special of some sorts to commemorate the event. Our hits should reach that number by tomorrow. Not sure what I'm gonna do yet, probably just post a Felt album. The golden rule of BS: when all else fails, post a Felt album.

Thanks for everyone out there who takes the time to read, listen and look. It may not be the most eloquent of endeavors, but we try our best, and take pride in this blog, and hope you frequenters and passersby obtain something of value from it.

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