Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Patrick deWitt - Ablutions (2009)

Such a fantastic and funny little book. Densely laughable and brilliant, not just a paragraph here or there, but rather almost every sentence is great. Its humor is of the darkest, most dejected, depraved, loathsome variety. I finished this in two days, and its characters and scenarios made it severely entertaining. Proceed to amazon and buy.

"Your luck is buckling. Someone gives you a handful of pills that you eat along with your nightly whiskey and as the narcotics take effect a love grows in your heart and you wonder if this isn't how saints feel. But you are drinking more and more and the feeling is hidden in ugly clouds and by night's end you are unable to speak and you walk to the gas station to purchase aspirin. You are slurring and the Arab man behind the bulletproof glass does not like you. Now he is standing over you and shaking you awake: You have fallen asleep in the gas station bathroom, though you do not know why you entered or how long you have been there. You return to your car and find a note on the windshield: "Where did you go?" The note is not signed and the love in your heart is gone. It feels as though it was never there at all."

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