Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bruno Dumont - Hors Satan (2011)

A very bizarre and slow-paced experience, but I liked it a lot. Almost made me feel like I was under the influence of psychedelics in certain scenes because the of  dynamic appearance of  the actors and the sound work and colors. From what I could make out, the film is allegorical and has a lot to do with ethics. The Guy seems sinister at first and you see him murder people, but as the movie goes on all you come to find that all of the acts of violence are made towards 'evil' people, and thus are made with good intentions. Then there is a scene later on that has you questioning his motives again, but it just goes to show that he neither angelic protector, nor devil, but simply human, and bound to destructive urges in need of purging. Here's the trailer, but keep in mind the movie itself is far more low-key and plotless than it will have you believe:

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