Sunday, July 5, 2015



01) David Harrow - Secret Agent
02) Deux Filles - Drinking At the Stream
03) Farflung - Future Days
04) Eric Random & The Bedlamites - Dream Web of Maya
05) Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis - Confederate Dead
06) Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis - Mary Reprise
07) Dif Juz - Trance
08) FK9 - Complete Surveillance
09) Far East Family Band - Kokoro
10) Daniel Berthiaume - Desert Solitaire
11) Cafe Jacques - Eberehtel
12) Clifford T. Ward - Gaye
13) Serpentina - Nana Sin Letra
14) Donny Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free
15) Legendary Pink Dots - Clockwise
16) Evie Sands - But You Know I Love You
17) Hangman's Beautiful Daughters - Darkside
18) Echolyn - On Any Given Night
19) The Teardrop Explodes - The Great Dominions


Postscript : Being OCD, I can't help but notice the alphabetical patterns of the sequence of artists in the order, and feel I should (unnecessarily) disclaim that this is anything but purely coincidental. As with every mix I put together, the track-selection is derived cumulatively based upon a loose theme of style or atmosphere that develops autonomously and organically from there until I have a better idea of a conceptual gestalt. In this sense the concepts for mixes are arbitrarily borne. Once the selection is complete, further more anal-retentive arrangement of the tracks occurs until I feel the songs flow fluidly from start to finish, and the mix itself is a progression that suits and hopefully stimulates certain  conceptually related scenarios. For example, intended appropriate scenarios for this mix could be anything from introversion to psychotropic simulation to sleep, but typically related to submerged relaxation. TLDR: I'm neurotic, especially with this creative hobby -  enjoy the music.

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