Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Depression is shitty. Actually made this last spring and by the time I got done getting the order down, it was summer. Well, guess it's that time of year again....


Part One

01) Triste Janero - A Beginning Dream
02) Tim Buckley - Wings
03) Bob Chance - Honey Lips
04) Steve Teale - Miss Costello
05) The Troggs - Love is All Around
06) Bill Drummond - I Want That Girl
07) Glidshees - Long Time
08) The Beautiful South - I Think The Answer's Yes
09) Shy - L'alibi Lovesong
10) Northern Picture Library - Isn't It Time You Faced the Truth?
11) Underground Lovers - Daze
12) Brad - Screen
13) Valerie and The Week of Wonders - Holy Picture
14) Curious (Blue) - Isabella
15) The Moody Blues / Alan Silvestri - Nights in White Satin
16) The Damned - Portrait

Part Two

17) Damien Youth - The Poet and the Siren
18) Eyeless in Gaza - From Drawn Blinds
19) Made in Poland - Dokd Tak Biegniesz
20) Company She Keeps - Amanda
21) Train Set - She's Gone
22) Cat and Mouse Band - I Remember When I Loved Her
23) Naoki Asai - Candy
24) Gavin Friday - Tell Tale Heart
25) The Jazz Butcher - The Good Ones
26) Jacobites - Love's Cascade
27) My White Bedroom - This Time
28) Paul Haig - The Common Denominator (demo)
29) Fra Lippo Lippi - The True Story
30) Big Sound Authority - When Things Fall Apart
31) The Palace of Light - Unknowing
32) North of Cornwallis - All of This and More
33) Riverhead - My Turn
34) Yachines - I Believe
35) Eno / Cale - Spinning Away
36) Rebelski - The Rift Valley (original mix)
37) Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae



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  2. Hi Matt:
    First of all ... sorry for my English. I leave it in the hands of the Google translator ;-)
    I just discovered your website. I have read: "Depression is shitty" and I thought: Could some music from the other side of the ocean relieve something of that shit?
    I have checked, in your lists of songs of "Last FM", that we agree in many artists and songs ... unusual. If you are interested I will send you some songs that, I think, could be to your liking.
    I have no words to thank you for your generosity.
    Much encouragement. A hug from the Basque country.