Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Fall (2006)

As you can see from the trailer below, this movie is visually astonishing. However, eye candy aside, it's quite captivating and powerful as well, not to mention terribly underrated (61% at Rotten Tomatoes). The plot revolves around Roy, a paralyzed stunt man who meets a mischievous young girl, Alexandria, who is staying at the same hospital as he is. Roy begins to tell her an ostensibly innocuous, yet epic saga in exchange for her getting him morphine so he can kill himself. Despite his ulterior motive, he develops a genuine affection for Alexandria, and she to him as well. The story is presented as Alexandria vividly imagines it, but eventually, fact and fantasy begin to blur and Roy's tale begins to intertwine with his own situation. Alexandria cleverly catches on and tries to save him and his story before its too late. It's a genuinely beautiful and haunting film, brilliantly directed by Tarsem (the mystic emerging from the fiery tree, the Balinese chant/dance, the whirling dervishes, oh my god), and featuring the best acting from a kid I've seen in a long time. "Tarsem's commentary indicates the film was made over a period of four years and incorporates footage shot in over 20 countries, including India, Indonesia (Bali), Italy, France, Spain, Namibia, China (PRC), and numerous others"

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