Saturday, January 22, 2011

They Go Boom!! - Grand Vitesse (1996)

They Go Boom!! presents a mix between twee and “hyper pop” that is just so catchy it hurts (in a good way). I can’t really think of any other relatively known band that has their particular sound. The upbeat tempos and catchy keyboard backed choruses will make even the most downtrodden man at least break a smirk, maybe even a smile. Lyrically, They Go Boom!! swoon about melancholy and heartbreak and loneliness. It’s not an odd juxtaposition as pop music has been doing this for years, but they use the effect to its fullest extent.

Consisting of Mike Innes and Daryl Smith (the two goofy, nerdy looking dudes on the visage of the vid below), made music that was both depressing and hopeful as mentioned earlier. If you’re in a bad mood and want to get into a good mood, this is your band. Starting out, they released a couple of cassettes, before moving onto singles and EPs and finally full lengths on Sunday Records (Atlantic, 1994), and Siesta Records (Grand Vitesse, 1996) and the unreleased 97…98…99, all of which are great albums. Grand Vitesse, which I'm sharing today, is short but succulent, clocking in at just over 30 minutes. The final track is so full of heartache and hooks, it might just be my favorite song of the moment. Another terribly under appreciated band who had their own style and substance to boot.

Rating: 9/10



  1. Wow, as always, you have taste in music. You have anymore of their albums to DL? I've done a rough web search and haven't found anything.

  2. Thank you kindly! I just put up everything else that I have of theirs. Hope you enjoy!