Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tones on Tail - Everything (1998)

Tones on Tail was a side project of Daniel Ash of Bauhaus formed in 1982 with friend Glenn Campling. Their nascent career was shortlived, as they disbanded in 1984 taking an entirely different direction with Love and Rockets. You can almost see their progression from Bauhaus to Tones on Tail to Love and Rockets, and it seems like Ash and Campling lightened up a bit over the course of several years. But we’re not here to discuss Bauhaus or Love and Rockets, so I’ll get back on topic.

It’s a little hard to pin down Tones on Tail to a particular genre, although it'd be easy to lump them into the post punk category, however, that’s become such a broad term. Almost every song on this compilation sounds completely different. Different pacing, different structure, a generally different sound. Which is rather remarkable for a band in this or any era to be so diverse when you think about it. The obvious standout tracks here are opener “Lions” (there’s a really good dub mix of this that’s worth hunting down as well if you can find it) and “Movement of Fear” which has since been sampled countless times. Transitioning from insidious and ominous to swingy speed music to avant-pop, Tones on Tail go all over the place. Fast paced and frantic, Everything is a solid compilation and features every song they ever wrote.

Rating: 8/10


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