Friday, April 29, 2011

Philip Ridley - The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995)

Man, this movie was nuts; one of the most suspenseful films I've seen in a good minute. From the very beginning you are aware that this movie is going to culminate into a grand crescendo of violence. Bubbling with sexual tension, and unnerving moments that let you know explosions are in the near future, the film slowly builds and builds with a plot driven by a man's obsession and deranged mind which slowly deteriorates until the unforgettable climax. I never knew Brendan Fraiser could be a good actor, but he as the naive sole survivor of a Christian cult, along with a mute Viggo Mortensen and seductive Ashley Judd steal the show. The soundtrack is cheesy and awesome and suits the film very well. The directing is top notch and perhaps Philip Ridley's best work, as the film is fantastically shot. This is available on a few torrent sites and netflix and I highly recommend you hunt this underrated cult classic down.


  1. Wow, crazy sync man. Just saw the Craft again last night so this reminds me of that in a way. The other thing is I just put this on queue based on the movie Heartless, which I thought was exceptional. Seen it?

    I always thought his performance is School Ties (Fraser), was great.


  2. Crazy indeed. I've always seen Fraser as this goofy typecast who I've never been able to take seriously. Maybe its just his big budget movies that gave me this perspective. Anyways, I'll check out Heartless and School Ties. Thanks for the recommendations!