Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing Scientists - Big City Bright Lights / Discotheque X (1980)

Since this is such terse single, I'll give a terse write up on it. This band was formed by ex-Television Personalities members and released one single in their deciduous moment as a band, which I'm sharing with you today. It's dubby reggae synth pop, which is a genre that got played around with a little during the early eighties, but never took off in the mainstream (for obvious reasons). However, the A-side here, "Big City Bright Lights" which is a cover of Dandy Livingstone's "Big City" is so catchy and danceable that its almost irresistible to not play it twice in a row the first time you hear it. It transports you back to the 80s with all its subcultures and night life that was probably way more fun that modern happenings. When I hear this song I want to be in a suit and tie, with my sunglasses on roaming the town at night feeling groovy and ecstatic, probably with grams of cocaine at my disposal. The B-side "Discotheque-X" is pretty alright and also has that reggae feel as well. Overall, it's a shame these fellas didn't release more than one measly single, but so the cards fell. You definitely don't want to miss this rare find, even if it only contains 2 songs.

Rating: 8.5/10


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