Monday, June 6, 2011

The end

In a sense, we've all died twenty trillion times. The you of yesterday is dead, as is the you of a millisecond ago. We're constantly dying and being least that's how I see time, which is a hard thing to quantify in a scientific sense, but a little easier to understand if you look at it in simpler, more linear terms. Still not even these musings can quell my trepidation towards the final death, the void, the end, la fin. You can either be a nihilist, take Kierkegaard's religious stance or (my own belief) you can live a fulfilling life full of dreams, ambitions, constant progression, close friends, family, and an abundance of love. "Love conquers, motherfuckers" - Cold Bleak Heat. "The spirit of progress never looks back" - Even As We Speak. I may expand and turn this into a thesis or some sort of self-help guide on overcoming the fear of death. Either way an existence of finitude and transience is a scary thing to most atheists like myself. I also have a pretty bad case of "only child syndrome" which brings about a lot of narcissism, which leads you to believe at an early age you are special and not some decaying piece of matter that will one day disappear. One final quote from Belle and Sebastian, "I always cry at endings." Me too.

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