Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Music for cold weather, day one

7. Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You (2001)

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the reformation of a couple of late 90s / early 2000s 'punk' bands that I don't feel the need to mention here. When asked to guess who it was who had reformed, I replied with a question of my own: is it Unwound? And really, as far as I'm concerned, given the parameters of the genre, it's really the only band I would care to see reunite. Sadly, however, it wasn't Unwound, and they don't seem like the bunch who would likely get back together anyways. Wishful thinkers will think wishfully, however.

Leaves Turn Inside You (the kind of conveying title well-suited for this type of music) is the final studio release by Unwound, an epic double album of sober, somber, Sonic Youth-y guitar rock. It just sounds like teenage 'misery' feels, the kind of romantic misery where you wallow in it, the kind that almost feels good because it isn't real misery, the kind often existing parallel to the fatalism of youth. This album is angry, but not the kind of vapid anger often seen in metal or grunge, rather the anger that stems from love or loss of the love, or on the contrary a general lethargy towards life, which can spark emotion in itself. This big bad mother is a post-rock masterpiece and one of my favorite albums to listen to when I'm feeling 'under the weather.'

Rating: 9/10


That soughing soughing sussurus of Stygian sentimentality:

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