Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Even As We Speak Discography

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this classic Sarah Records band formed in 1986 and consisted of Matthew Love (guitar, banjo, vocals), Mary Wyer (vocals, guitar) and Rob Irwin (bass) joined later by Anita Raynor (drums, mandolin), Paul Clarke (guitar, vocals) and Julian Knowles (keyboards, production, guitar). Love did most of the song writing and man, could this guy write some joyous, supple pop songs. Lyrically, it was also presumably Love at the helm, and the band always had an astute and keen outlook, giving them a sophisticated quality. Their music was quite diversely influenced for a pop band, gallivanting between 70s inspired folk, funky electronica, to your standard Sarah Records twee sound. Their early Sarah singles and their humble beginnings found on A Three Minute Song is One Minute too Long are a little rough around the edges (especially vocally), but they all contain mirthful, merry melodies which enrich the songs nicely. The Feral Pop Frenzy LP is much more cohesive and with smoother production, opening with an unlikely intense prelude before hitting you hard with the power chords that keep on coming. Even As We Speak call to mind suburban days of sunshine and clear skies, birds chirping, squirrels frolicking and all the little things that encompass a perfect day. I would designate them as an intelligent "nice day" kind of band if I was forced to designate them as something. Collection includes all of their Sarah singles as well as one full length and a recently released compilation:

Sarah 37 - Nothing Ever Happens (1990)
Sarah 49 - One Step Forward (1991)
Sarah 59 - Beautiful Day (1991)
Sarah 79 - Blue Eyes Deceiving Me (1993)
Feral Pop Frenzy (1993)
A Three Minute Song is One Minute too Long (2007)


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